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How Often are videos uploaded?

Mobility training will be prescribed daily. The length and type of movements will change, giving you tons of flexibility based on your schedule, free time, and demands of other fitness training.

What does the training entail?

Any Routine will have a combination of static stretching, rotational movements for joint health, isometric contractions, myofascial release, stability, neuromuscular training, and corrective exercises.

What if I'm not Very Fit?

The fitness programs are written for anyone on the fitness spectrum (as long as you've been cleared by a health professional to workout). Some movements will have multiple options to choose from and can be scaled up or down for varying levels of difficulty.

How do I follow the Program?

Easy to follow HD videos with professional audio are provided for each routine. You can also go back and re-watch any videos.

What about Equipment?

The Functional Body Weight and Abs+Core Programs are designed to require limited (and inexpensive) equipment, if any at all. Some helpful pieces of gear is a pull up bar, resistance bands, and gymnastic rings / TRX Bands.

I have previous injuries.

After recovering from an injury it's crucial to have a rehab plan specific to your situation and goals. All Redux Routines and workouts should only be performed if you are approved to do so by a licensed health professional. With that said, general fitness, flexibility, stability, and well-functioning joints are foundational to longterm health and what the Redux system is designed to provide.