Abs+Core Week 3

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Week 3 – Day 1

3 Rounds of 1 Minute of work at each number. Rest as needed in-between rounds.

Complete the reps assigned and then hold the static position for the remainder of the minute.

1) 20 Deadbugs – Plank

2) 20 Sit Ups – Side Plank

3) 30 Scissor Kicks – Superman Pose (a.k.a. skydiver pose)

4) 30 Bicycle Crunches – Stretch Plank (normal plank, but both hands reached out)

5) 20 Toe Touch Crunches – Side Plank (Lay on your back, legs straight up, crunch and touch the toes)


Week 3 – Day 2

4 Rounds at each number of: 25s of work and 20s rest in-between rounds

1) Opposite Plank (ex: balance in the plank on the right hand and left foot only)

2) Side Plank Dips (side plank, drop the hip to the ground, then return to the side plank)

3) Jack Knife Sit Up (a.k.a. V-Up)

4) Star Plank (side plank, lift the top leg and reach with the top arm)

5) Lift Overs (Lay on back, find on object about 6″ tall and lift feet over from one side to the other)


Week 3 – Day 3

5 Rounds of 1 Min. AMRAP (as many reps / rounds as possible)

1 Full Round = 14+10+6. When finished start over.


–14 Crunches

–10 Toe Touch Crunches

–6 Bicycle Crunches (long count)


–14 Grasshopper Planks

–10 Thread the Needles

–6 Leg Lifts (lay on back lift legs to 90 degrees up and down)


–14 Moving Planks (drop to one elbow and then the other. Then back up from one hand to the other)

–10 Reaching Planks (plank then reach out far with one arm, then the other. Return one hand at a time to the starting position.)

–6 Push Ups with twist (at the top rotate and reach towards the ceiling)

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